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What ever your gunsmithing and machining  needs:  bluing, double barrel guns, gun parts, CNC machining, tools, black powder, muzzle loader, rifle, pistol, shotgun, Tom Hanson Las Cruces Gunsmith is the answer.



  •     Gunsmith Services

    1976 graduate of Colorado School of Trades,  with over 30 years experience in guns and gunsmithing. All phases of custom and general gunsmith service.

  •     Bluing Services

    Polishing and surface restoration followed by either hot blue, or rust blue

  •     Custom  CNC Machining

    Tormach CNC milling center  and CNC Masters 1440 turning center provide capabilities  to make individual parts and production machining.

  •     Cad/Cam

    Powerful U.S. design program that has 2 and 3D engineering and machine code processing features to provide state-of-the-art capabilities. 

  •    Products

    LCGS22-50V - The Recoil Tamers  Muzzle Breaks. Loud Mouth and Big Brother

    Tactical Shotgun Sight

    Patented removable sight for the Remington 870
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