Installation is best performed by a competent machinist or gunsmith with the equipment to drill and tap the holes exactly. Before drilling, the stock bolster must be removed by machining or grinding. Note the West Hurley bolster may be pinned in (that's why the middle screws are in a different location). But must be removed the same way.  All dimensions are taken along center line Y axis) and from the left (X axis).  Due to variations in the non-original stock slides, it may be necessary to fit the adapter or the slide. These adapter have been made to original frame specs.

1. Locate the frame with Y0 center line. All holes are drilled .23" on either side of Y0.

2. Hold adapter against the frame and set X0 where indicated.

3. Best to center drill at each location to prevent tap drill from "walking".

4. Tap drill size is #36 for 6 x 32. Recommended to drill holes as deep as possible without breaking thru the frame to allow as deep a tap as possible.

5.  7 screws are included.

6. The use of Loc-tite is recommended to prevent loosening under fire.

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