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The original Auto Ordnance purchased by George Numrich produced a replica of the Thompson sub machinegun in Simi-auto. The "Tommy Gun" 1927A1 and the M1 never came with the removable butt stock made famous by the FBI and the criminals they pursued.

Years ago while manufacturing parts for the Tommy Gun I designed a butt stock adapter to mount the original stock slide, as it was called. I also made a number of reproduction stock slides that fit the original stock. Due to the high cost of making these stock slides I stopped making them (I do have a number of functional pieces that did not meet the standards set at the time). BUT I have seen a need for the adapter. And have decided to make more. These adapter are made to mimic the look and function of the original 1928 frame. Copied from original ordnance drawings, these are a true representation of the famous "Chicago Typewriters"

From this picture you can see 6 mounting screws (6x32) and the positive stop milled into the slide. Far superior to the other adapters out there. The lock notch has the same dimensions and function as the original 28 frame. They come with a set of installation instructions.

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