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The Remington 870 shotgun has, for many years, been the choice of hunters, law enforcement agencies and military. Chosen for its rugged dependability and versatility.

The HUNTER     $60.00

Tom Hanson, The Las Cruces Gunsmith has developed and patented a unique design to expand on this versatility. No longer does the shooter have to purchase multiple barrels for different shooting situations. Now one barrel can use rifle sights, tactical sights or optical sights, interchangeably.  Pictured here is the first in a series of sight platforms for the 870. This one-piece unit installs in seconds with no tools or modification to the gun. The rear of the unit grips the barrel solidly and is held securely in the front by the magazine cap. The non-marring base is a one-piece aluminum stamping. The HUNTER series features the Williams Fire Sight for outstanding visibility in all light conditions. The more light, the brighter it glows. The red dot front sight won't "wash out", even in direct sunlight. And the two glowing green dots on either side of the U notch rear sight give precise, low light sight alignment.



The Las Cruces Gunsmith also offers the Tactical version with three Picatinny rails and a fiber optic sight. Now install ghost rings, halo sight, red dot, laser, flash light, etc. It's so easy to convert the plain barrel to multi-use platform.

A single top rail is available on request.

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Recoil Tamer Muzzle Break

Who is not looking for the best muzzle break? I have. And I have tried many designs to make this very effective muzzle break. On the muzzle break page You will see how I test this and other breaks.

LCGS22-50V - The Recoil Tamers  Muzzle Breaks. RT LG and RT RG

Breaks are made to order so specify your muzzle dimension (will be contoured to blend), Caliber and Thread pitch. 1/2 X 28 or 5/8 X 24. Custom threads are extra.

  Model #RT LG 5/8 x 24

  Model #RT LG 1/2 x 28

 RT LG Dimensions: 1 1/8" X 2 1/12"  Material: 4140 Steel or Stainless Steel Finish: Belgian Blue or Matt

RT RG Dimensions: 7/8" X 2 1/2"     Material and finish same as RT LG
Price: Rt LG 4140 steel $70. SS $75
Price: RT RG 4140 Steel  $65, SS $70


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