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I make modifications, upgrades and replacement parts for the Thompson 1928 and 1927A1 including machining the stock lower to 1928 specification.  The Auto Ordnance parts and accessories include: If  you want to have your removable GI stock on your semi-auto Thompson you will need  my adaptor installed on your 1927A1. Oh, you don’t have a GI stock?  I  sell  stocks and stock slides  both together and separately.  Also my Auto Ordnance Thompson parts and accessories  can make it more original looking  by adding a bolt hold open switch so that you get the look and feel of the original 1928.  Just turn the new FULL AUTO/SEMI switch and you lock the bolt open for drum installation.  No more fumbling with or losing that pesky third hand. There is also a full-on conversion where I transform the 1927A1 lower frame to look just like the original. I also do SBR barrels and NFA marking.