Thompson 1927A-1 custom modifications profile

Seen from left to right:

  1. Original  Thompson 1927A-1 Lower
  2. Stage 1 is install stock slide adapter. It will work on both Kahr and West Hurley Models.
  3.  Stage 2 is the addition of bolt hold open. This is a modified rocker switch that activates a custom pawl to hold the bolt open for loading the drum. Also includes the FULL AUTO and SINGLE engraving as seen on 1928 and 1921 Thompson,
  4. Stage  3 is a radical modification to the frame by cutting down the existing grip area and replacing with new stock slide rails and contouring to mimic the profile of the 1928 and 1921 models.
  5. Original 1928 lower that I use as a model.


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