Stage 2. Install Thompson 1927A-1 Hold Open and Slide Adapter


The Auto Ordnance Thompson 1927 A-1 can be converted to accept the FBI style removable butt stock as well as an additional bolt hold open switch to eliminate the “third hand” required when using a drum. This mimics The full auto rocker switch of the 1928. This includes drilling the lower, engraving the ‘FULL AUTO and SINGLE” modify sear and disconnector, and install new pawl. And an “all-out” conversion to customize the lower frame just like the 1928.

We also recreated the original 1928 rocker switch as these are getting harder to find every day. Offered in both smooth like the Savage or checkered like the 1921 Colt.

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This will install both the slide adapter and bolt hold open

drill for selector $50.00
modify sear $30.00
modify disconector $20.00
install adaptor $120.00
adaptor $85.00
Drill frame $40.00
pawl $75.00
rocker pivot smooth $50.00
pivot plate $65.00

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Hold Open Only, Hold Open With Stock Adapter


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